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Murs Clairs Pencil Round Forest Trees Wall Stickers

Murs Clairs Pencil Round Forest Trees Wall Stickers


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Bring the lushness of a forest into your home with these delightful Round Forest Trees wall stickers. Let your child's imaginary world take off on flights of fancy with adventures to the park or woods and back, again and again!

Peel and stick them around the room to transform it or create fun zones. Reuse them with ease and feel secure knowing they contain no nasties - perfect for a kid's space! Let creativity soar. Plus, they sit perfectly with our Minibeau art prints or your kid's own masterpieces!

The wall stickers are created from Polyester fabric and with safe Eco HP Latex inks so they are odourless and toxin-free. They have a matte soft canvas-type texture and are flexible and tear-resistant, ensuring they stand the test of time. Plus we plant a tree for every order we receive.


Stickers may have trouble adhering to heavily textured walls. If walls are freshly painted we recommend WAITING 4-5 WEEKS for your walls to fully cure before applying.
Colour may vary slightly from screen.
Choking hazard, not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Murs Clairs wall stickers should never be placed within a child reach or near where they sleep to avoid possible choking hazard.


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