High on Sustainability: Why We're Proud of Our No-Nasties Wallpaper!

High on Sustainability: Why We're Proud of Our No-Nasties Wallpaper!

Wallpaper with no nasties, created by a team of artists.

We are proud of the wallpaper we produce, and we want to share with you exactly what makes it so special and why it is perfect for you to hang in your family home.

We chose our UK-based wallpaper printer because they are a world leader in quality wallpaper production and their intention is to be the most ecologically friendly wallpaper printer in the industry, with the aim to run their factory entirely on green energy and become carbon neutral by 2025.

Our wallpaper is printed to order in the UK. Printing to order allows us to only print what’s needed and reduces wastage, it also enable us to give our customers many options, and to change our offering if you don’t love that floral wallpaper as much as we do!

Image showing the credentials of our wallpapers, no nasties, water based inks, printed in the UK to orders, high quality sustainable paper, matte finish.

The non-woven, uncoated matte paper that our designs are printed on is sustainably sourced; and it's luxurious, heavyweight feel, makes hanging our paper easy to do - simply paste the wall and slide the paper into place!

The inks are water-based and light-fast, ensuring that your wallpaper won't fade, this alongside the anti-scratch agents used, ensure that the wallpaper is perfect for a busy home and will look great for years to come.

Vintage off-white metal framed bed with vintage bookshelf painted in the same colour, against a wall painted white a third of the way up with our And then there was you floral wallpaper above. Paper features leaves and pink, orange and red florals on a pink background, with white birds with floral detail wingsShowing a section of a wall and the top corner of a green wooden child's workbench with wooden tools. Wall is panelled in white at the bottom with our Garden Doodles wallpaper in grey above. On the wall art 2 Spice rack style shelves in light wood with books and a muted wooden rainbow stacking toy in. Wallpaper features woodland animals and foliage hand drawn in grey line detail on a neutral background.
The inks that we use are certified to meet some of the worlds most rigorous standards for low chemical emissions into the air - so you can rest assured your family aren't breathing in any nasties.
For more information regarding the inks used, head over to our sustainability page

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