New Wallpaper trend for your interior 2023.

New Wallpaper trend for your interior 2023.

We are seeing wallpapered ceilings popping up everywhere and we are here for it! Whether its a straight ceiling paper or  papering the walls and the ceiling to match we can't help but love the cool and cosy vibe it creates. Perfect for an awkward shaped ceiling or smoothing out an awkward corner of a room. It makes for the cosiest of rooms.
A set of 3 images showing wallpapered ceilings. The first image by Hygge and west wallpaper company shows birds and clouds in gold on a ceiling. Teh image underneath shows a loft room with lots of opposing angles due to the structure all wallpapered in a floral a with bench seat to create a cosy nook.Image on the right shows a wallpapered ceiling and wall covered in a floral wallpaper with a large statement piece of art on the main wall,
Image credits:
Top left- Hygge and West / Bottom left - Alice Lane interiors

Wallpaper can be expensive but with this clever usage of panelling you can introduce your favourite wallpaper at a fraction of the price. 
Image of high wall panelling in White with A tan coloured subtle wallpaper above. A wooden bed is positioned in front of the panelling.
Image credits:
Above- Mellisa Slack Interiors

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