Wallpaper Care Symbols

When we first started selling wallpaper, we were baffled by the care symbols that are included on the rolls. We felt it important to cut through the jargon and break down what each one actually means. So, we created this wallpaper jargon-buster to demystify this language and arm you with the knowledge needed to make well informed decisions so you can feel confident every time you purchase from us.


SPONGEABLE - This means you can use a damp (not wet) sponge to gently wipe the surface of the paper to remove any wet adhesive from the surface of the paper whilst hanging. You must not use any cleaning products or chemicals. All Minibeau papers are spongeable.
WASHABLE - You still need to be gentle with a washable paper, despite what the term might imply! You can wipe away light stains on this paper, but you still need to be delicate and use only water. Make sure you don’t get the paper too wet, or it may rip or tear.
EXTRA WASHABLE - This type of paper can be used in kitchens and bathrooms as it’s a bit more resilient to damp conditions, but don’t put it right next to a sink or bath as it’s not completely waterproof.
SCRUBBABLE - This is one of the more resilient paper types and you can use a bit more pressure to clean it, although we wouldn’t recommend literally using a scrubbing brush to clean it as shown in the symbol. You would still want to use a damp sponge and a gentle cleaning agent, so you don’t inadvertently damage the paper.


PASTE THE PAPER - This means you need to apply the paste to the paper, leave it to soak for the time indicated on the instructions and then apply to the wall.

PASTE THE WALL – With Paste the Wall wallpaper, there’s no need to soak it, you just paste the wall and then apply the paper on top. All Minibeau wallpapers are Paste the Wall, and we think this is a much easier application process.

PRE-PASTED - This type of paper has already had paste applied to the back, and the paste just needs activating with water.

SELF ADHESIVE WALLPAPER- Sometimes referred to as ‘Peel and Stick’, this wallpaper is essentially a big sticker. You just peel away the backing paper and its self-adhesive coating allows it to be fixed to the wall with no need for paste.


Light fastness refers to how well your wallpaper will keep its colour when exposed to sunlight.

All wallpapers and materials will lose some colour over the years if exposed to sunlight. The lightfastness ratings will give you an idea of how your paper will stand up to very bright light.

All Minibeau wallpapers are rated as ‘Good Fastness to Light’, and we would recommend using a paper which has good or very good light fastness for any rooms which receive a lot of sunlight.


STRIPPABLE - You can remove Strippable wallpaper when it’s dry, and both the front and back layers will come o in one go.

PEELABLE - Minibeau wallpapers are peelable. With this type of wallpaper, you can remove the decorative front later whilst dry.

WET REMOVAL - With wet removal, you must apply water or a stripping agent to soak the paper and then manually scrape it from the wall.

Wallpapers today come in a variety of gorgeous designs and textures, enabling you to create a unique and personal look for your room. However, it can be hard to know which wallpapers are right for you; dierent types have dierent features, each suited to dierent needs. We hope this guide has helped remove some of the mystique around choosing a wallpaper and given you the confidence to know what to choose.

For further assistance with Wallpaper Care Symbols, please contact help@minibeau.com
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