Photo showing a toddler looking at a height chart on the left, 5 tips for transforming your nursery into the perfect toddler bedroom with an oliver furniture cot and a toddler bedroom with garden doodles wallpaper

Smooth Transition: 5 Tips for Transforming your Nursery into a Toddler Bedroom

Are you ready to wave goodbye to the cot and welcome a new era of independence and exploration for your toddler? Transitioning from a nursery to a toddler bedroom is an exciting milestone. With a little creativity and planning, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable process for both you and your little one.

Let's dive into our top five tips to guide you through this exciting journey.

Transforming your little one's room into a toddler-friendly space doesn't have to be a daunting task. Simply rearranging the furniture, artwork, and toys to create new zones and make them easily accessible can do the trick. This way, you can make the transition without the need for a complete redecoration.


Transitioning to a Big Kid Bed: Choose a low-to-the-ground bed with safety rails to ease the transition from the secure confines of the cot, such as the Oliver Furniture Wood Baby Cot - White & Oak. This new sleeping arrangement will give your toddler a sense of independence and ownership over their space, setting the stage for more restful nights and exciting daytime adventures.


Girl standing in front of a toddler bed looking a a Minibeau Height chartOliver furniture wood baby cot showing it at the stage where bars are removed and a safety bar is added so that it can be used to transition from a cot to toddler bed.Toddler bed agains a wall with garden doodles nursery wallpaper in sage on it. A small vintage wooden child's chair with a miffy lamp on it is next to the bed.


Ignite Imagination with Art Prints: Transform your little one's room into a captivating world of imagination with colourful and engaging art work. Opt for prints featuring playful animals, enchanted nature scenes, or whimsical characters to inspire storytelling and spark curiosity about the world around them. Hang the prints at eye level to encourage interaction and foster creativity and a love for learning.


Toddler standing on their bed looking at our g is for gorilla art print which is on a shelf above green wooden panelling A toddler and older girl sitting in front of the happy alphabet art print with some happy alphabet letter prints in their hand and on the toy box they are sitting on. The print is low on the wall so that they can interact with it. A girl laying on a wooden frame house bed reading a book with art prints on the wall next to her on a pink wall.


Showcase Their Creativity: Celebrate your toddlers artistic endeavours by proudly displaying their own artwork throughout their bedroom. Whether it is colourful paintings, drawings or crafts, their art will not only add a personal touch to the room, but also boost their confidence and sense of accomplishment.


Optimise Storage for Independence: Empower your toddler to be more independent by arranging storage at their level. Utilise low-level storage options such as cubbies, bins, baskets and shelves to make your little ones' toys easily accessible to pull out to play with or to put away. Inviting your little one to help tidy away their toys will help to develop a sense of responsibility and promote autonomy.


A child sitting on a wooden stool hiding their face with a straw hat, next to a ferm living pear basket and below a wooden shelf with hooks. An Olli Ella luggy hangs from the hooks with a doll and blanket hanging out of it, a wire-wrapped 'hello' sign, and bunting. On the shelf are wooden blocks, an Olli Ella Casa Clutch, a wooden flag saying autumn, and our Mercado de Flores art print in a frame. Hanging from an oak hanger from a round decorative hook is our floral bunny art print in blue. Toddler room with low level storage for children, including trofast, with our safari animals toddler wallpaper on the back wall. Toddler playing with her dolls house which is on the floor next to a Mustard Made Shorty on a rattan mat


Create a cosy corner for relaxation: Designate a corner in your toddler's room for quiet moments of relaxation and bonding. Arange soft cushions, blankets or bean bags, alongside some of their favourite plush toys to create an inviting space where you can cuddle up for storytime or unwind at the end of the day. This special cosy space will foster a sense of security and comfort while promoting positive associations with bedtime.


Nobodinoz cream teepee with blankets and a teddy inside, with liewood wellies and a banwood scooter next to it. Our forever fearless art print is hanging on the wall 2 girls having a tea party under a nobodinoz canopy with minibeau art prints on the wall behind them Pursuit of adventure cardboard turret with a yellow circle on the wall behind, with blankets inside and an atlas on the floor ready to inspire a child's next adventure.


With these five expert tips, you can seamlessly transition your nursery into a welcoming and functional toddler bedroom that nurtures your child's growth and independence. Embrace this exciting new chapter with enthusiasm, knowing that you are creating a space where your little one can thrive and flourish.
Happy decorating!

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